How to create a Post

For the Teachers:

  • Click on the pencil button to create a new post ------->download.png
  • This is where I post a question for my students to answer on their blogs. First they look at my blog to get the question, then they answer on their own blog and create a post.
  • The first post I create is called Getting Started.I create a google form (available on Google drive) where they include their name and the blog address they created. After everyone in the class has filled out the form it sends me the results in a spreadsheet available in my Google drive.
  • I grade their blogs by clicking on their blog address in the spreadsheet.
  • I also email this spreadsheet to everyone in the class, so they can comment on another classmates blog.
  • View my Child Development blog for an example of the Getting Started post. Child Development Blog

For the Students:

  • Go to your teacher's blog to view the question. Open the blog in a new tab.
  • Click on the pencil button to create a new post. Answer the question in your post.